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Aluminum Furniture

Aluminum is one of the more popular patio furniture materials because of its resistance to corrosion and relatively light weight. Indeed, aluminum is among the most important metals in the world due largely to these very properties. Actually, at one point in history aluminum was considered even more valuable than gold and Napoleon had his table set with aluminum plates when important guests arrived-but I digress.

Obviously, patio furniture will be subjected to the elements-rain, snow, sun, and possibly the neighborhood kids. The property of aluminum that makes it so valuable for outdoor uses is its resistant to rust due to the thin layer of oxidation that forms when exposed to air. The dull, silvery appearance that is the hallmark of aluminum is actually the product of this oxidation. Also, though the aluminum is lightweight, it is strong enough to be the primary building material in commericial jets!

Because of the benefits of aluminum over wrought iron, you will find that sets of aluminum patio furniture will usually cost a bit more than a similar wrought iron set. However, many find that the benefits to using aluminum over wrought iron outweigh the detraction of the increased cost. It is far easier to handle the furniture because of its light weight and it can stand up to the elements because of its corrosion resistance.

Many furniture makers actually make furniture using "cast aluminum." Like the name implies, this type of aluminum furniture is made by pouring molten aluminum into a cast which is made by pressing a wooden mold into sand. Once the wooden mold is removed from the sand, the impression left is where the aluminum is poured. After the aluminum hardens, the sand is simply knocked away leaving a beautiful aluminum cast. This technique also allows fine detailing.

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