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Cleaning Aluminum

Aluminum remains one of the most popular choices for a wide range of products ranging from coffee pots, to flatware, to outdoor garden furniture. It is lightweight and extremely resistant to rust do to its affinity for oxygen. This affinity for oxygen is what leads to its rapid oxidation and its recognizable silvery sheen. Though this oxidation provides a great deal of protection from corrosion, it is often not a total solution.

The most effective method for cleaning aluminum depends largely on what type of product is in question. The process for cleaning your aluminum kitchen utensils will differ necessarily from the process for cleaning your aluminum outdoor furniture. Obviously, you’ll want to ensure the cleaning is more thorough and devoid of residues when cleaning the items that you eat with!

As is the case with many outdoor products, the best way to keep aluminum outdoor furniture looking like new is to take steps to prevent damage from the elements. While this can be accomplished by moving them indoors or covering them when not in use, in reality this is rarely a long-term solution. Instead, most aluminum furniture manufacturers and aluminum furniture companies suggest treating the surfaces of the the furniture with a weatherproofing agent. This coating not only helps the furniture repel moisture but also acts as a sunblock to protect it from harmful UV rays.

When you use a quality weatherproofer to seal the furniture, periodic cleaning will often be a simple as pulling out the hose and spraying it down. Occassionally, when simple hosing off of the furniture doesn’t quite work, a simple solution of mild dish soap and water will do the trick. The main thing to avoid is using abrasive cleaners and cleaning products such as steel wool that may permanently scratch the protective coating and even the aluminum itself.

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