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Durability of Aluminum

A nice outdoor furniture set can turn a drab outdoor patio into a lounge, a dining area, or even an office! Unfortunately, when you make the decision to transform your patio into a new oasis, you’re faced with a seemingly endless array of materials, shapes, and sizes of furniture for outdoor use. Of all the choices, perhaps the most important is the type of material you want to use-aluminum, wrought iron, plastic, or wood.

While all have their benefits and drawbacks, aluminum boasts an unparalleled combination of aesthetics, corrosion-resistance, and durability. When it comes to outdoor products, durability is obviously a concern. In addition to individuals inevitably being harder on furniture when its outdoors, you also must consider the damaging effects of the elements on the furniture.

When you consider that commercial jets are manufactured from aluminum, it’s not much of a stretch to assume that aluminum is pretty strong stuff. In fact, its strength to weight ratio is virtually unparalleled. Thus, while you may find similar strength and durability with wrought iron for example, the wrought iron will be significantly heavier and less convenient to use.

Plastic, on the other hand, is similarly durable and lightweight yet has its own set of drawbacks. Chief among these drawbacks is the relatively cheap look of plastic when compared to aluminum. If aesthetics is not a concern, plastic may be fine. However, if you want to ensure your patio reflects a concern for style, aluminum may be the best bet.

Several types of wood are also popular for outdoor furniture yet they also have distinct disadvantages to aluminum. While wood is undoubtedly stylish and often lightweight, it is far more susceptible to corrosion and damage than aluminum. Though you can combat the elements by applying a quality weatherproofing agent, you’ll often have to reapply the weatherproofing several times over the life of the product to ensure it lasts. On the other hand, aluminum features a natural oxidation that helps protect it from surface damage.

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