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Wrought Vs. Cast Aluminum

Aluminum outdoor patio furniture may differ in several aspects-not least of which is whether it is wrought aluminum or cast aluminum. While the term wrought aluminum may not be as familiar as wrought iron, it basically refers to aluminum furniture that is constructed using wrought iron techniques. Essentially, this means that the aluminum is "shaped" to produce ornate furniture, window gates, and other architectural elements.

The term "wrought iron" is slightly ambiguous as it refers not only to the method of construction but also to the type of metal used. In other words, wrought iron is a specific type of iron and also a style of metal work. Confused? Well, don’t worry because wrought aluminum simply refers to the metalworking method-not the type of aluminum.

Cast aluminum on the other hand is made from literally pouring molten aluminum into a cast and allowing it to harden. With cast aluminum, the furniture maker can add minute details that are not possible by simply shaping hardened aluminum. Also, the cast can be used over and over again so the furniture maintains a consistent shape and each piece matches the other.

Unfortunately, oftentimes furniture labeled as aluminum will not add the prefix of "wrought" or "cast." Thus, it may take a little detective work to figure it out for yourself. Basically, if you notice small details on parts of the furniture and don’t see any joinery, you can usually assume its cast. Also, you’ll rarely see any furniture labeled as wrought aluminum. Instead, wrought aluminum is simply understood to be wrought unless expressly labeled as cast.

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